Why Choose a Safe-T-Bar Grab Bar

Is good enough really good enough?

Washers: Safe-T-Bar's washers (flanges) are 12 gauge stainless steel (a thicker material), raised bouse, counter sunk holes - all standard at no extra cost.
Competition: Washers (flanges) are usually 16 gauge stainless steel (a thinner / weaker material); and usually charge an extra cost for the 12 gauge material or Channel Backers.

Testing: Safe-T-Bar's testing always exceeds ADA, ANSI and Federal Codes. Our bars are test loaded for 1200 #, built for safety and not minimum requirements.
Competition: Some meet ADA, ANSI and Federal Codes and are usually test loaded at only 250 # and are usually built to pass minimum requirements to save on cost.

Non-Slip Surface: Safe-T-Bar's non-slip surface due to how the bar is etched and is truly non-slip and comes standard.
Competition: Standard bars usually come with a mill satin finish - which is still slippery in some conditions. A "non-slip" surface, which requires to be peened or knurled, usually comes at an extra cost but may still not be effective in certain conditions. 

Powder Coating: Safe-T-Bar's powder coating is over 304 stainless steel, individually inspected finish for no rust (orange lines).
Competition: Power coating is usually over steel. Steel and moisture do not get along. In this case, rust (orange lines) will appear in 6 months to 2 years and replacement is required.

Cost of Custom Grab Bars: Safe-T-Bar's custom grab bars are charged based on manufacturing time, not the common set up charge of 250.00 and cost of product. Delivery can still be expected in 1 - 3 weeks.
Competition: Custom grab bars usually cost more to set up. A common added charge is $250 plus the added cost of the bar itself. Delivery of 6 weeks or more is known to be common.

Where manufactured: Safe-T-Bar manufactures, packages and ships all of our own grab bars right here in the USA (Minnesota to be specific). This promotes jobs here at home in the USA. We ensure all safety requirements are met and exceeded. Our product liability insurance is USA and we stand behind our products.
Competition: Some are manufactured outside of the USA or overseas and brought to the US for packaging. Where is their product liability insured? And who is ensuring safety requirements are met?

The bottom line is grab bars from the competition is good enough in terms of minimum safety requirements etc. But if you want to be able to trust that your safety bar will hold on, look good, and last more than just a few years, you deserve something better. Choose a Safe-T-Bar non-slip grab bar. They won't let you down.

Have additional questions, please contact Safe T Bar Inc. directly; 1-800-444-8855, visit our contact page on the website or email info@safetbar.com. Safe T Bar Inc. values you as a customer and will do our best to assist you with any additional questions you may have. Thank you for the opportunity of supplying you with the best grab bar products in the industry, a true product of the USA Safe T Bar Inc.
Our pledge to you is to manufacture & supply the safest (exceed ADA, ANSI and Federal codes) grab bars and safety railings by using quality materials and great customer service.  You safety is important to us.
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