Frequently Asked Questions

about SafeTBar products

How long does it take to receive product? Safe T Bar Inc. standard grab bar items are usually in stock and ship within 24 hours. Delivery to your address depending on your location; approximately 2 - 7 days. Custom pieces usually average 1 - 4 weeks depending on finishes and types of custom pieces.

How much does shipping cost? Shipping cost is based on quantity and weight ordered. Some specialty grab bars are measured by dimension, typical dimensional weight grab bars are; L Bar, Wall to Floor and Wall to Wall.

How long will the Grab Bar products last? Grab Bar products will last a life time if not longer. Safe T Bar Inc. builds our grab bar products with safety and quality as the top priority. Safe T Bar Inc. factory only manufactures 304 stainless steel, which means no pre-contamination to our grab bars before shipped to you. Some grab bar manufactures build steel bars alongside 304 stainless steel grab bars, which will contaminate the stainless steel. Contamination occurs when stainless steel has been in contact with other metal alloys. Having a high level of iron in your water can also contaminate your stainless-steel products. To help prevent iron water contamination; wipe bars down with towel after each use, use a filtering system, clean product with items only used on your grab bar products or purchase our powder coated grab bars (304 stainless steel bar under powder coat). Having a quality product to begin with and taking care of it once installed; Safe T Bar Inc. products will last a life time and longer.

How do I clean the grab bar products? On all of Safe T Bar Inc. products we suggest cleaning with our Print Stop Protective cleaner. It’s designed to sanitize, anti-static, removes body oil, polishes, and prevents finger prints. Other cleaners - Always use a new designated cleaning sponge or towel for your grab bars. Do not use a cleaning sponge or towel which has been used on other items; different materials will still be left behind from cleaning other items. Never use any abrasive, acid based or ammonia based cleaners. Before using any other cleaners, read instructions before using. Other suggestions to clean the grab bars are to use a mild soap with a new unused sponge or soft towel.

How durable is your anti bacteria Safe T Ring concealment mountings? Safe T Bar Inc. Anti-Bacteria Safe T Ring conceal Mounts are specially designed to eliminate the bacterial growth, which happens with the common snap cover conceal mountings. Safe T Rings special design utilizes a superior adhesive that holds the concealment ring directly to the mounting flanges of the grab bar. Eliminating the problem air space (which creates bacteria) found in the snap cover conceal mountings, thus producing a ring as durable as the finished bar and that does not have to be removed for cleaning. Safe T Bar Inc. tested and continually tests our Anti Bacteria Safe T Ring conceal mounts to our Minnesota weather, in direct and indirect sun and exposed it to the elements of Minnesota since 1992.  The Anti Bacteria Safe T Rings continuously tested in temperatures ranging -20 to 100 degree F, humidity, rain, snow, ice and sunlight direct and indirect.  Safe T Rings have not chipped, peeled or removed itself in these eliminates. Safe T Rings were designed to correct another missing product in the grab bar industry. Anti bacteria Safe T Rings Conceal Mounts are designed to be incredibly strong, sanitary and beautiful cosmetic feature. Anti Bacteria Safe T Ring conceal Mounts another unique and quality product from Safe T Bar Inc.

Do you build custom grab bars or products? How long does it take to build? Safe T Bar Inc. does build custom grab bars and products. We ask that you contact us directly to build your unique grab bars or product; 1-800-444-8855, visit our contact page or email us directly at Safe T Bar Inc. custom grab bars or products are confirmed by drawings and signature of authorization before manufacturing begins, to help eliminate mistakes. Once the custom design has been confirmed and ordered; Custom grab bar or products needs to be paid for before manufacturing begins and cannot be canceled or returned at any time. Approximate lead times on custom products are 1 - 4 weeks depending on type and finishes of the products.

Do I need to send drawings to get a toilet partition bid? Safe T Bar Inc. and our toilet partitions manufactures require initial drawings to provide a bid (pricing) on toilet partitions. Each toilet partition job is custom and requires rough measurements to get and estimate bid. Bid pricing does not usually change unless the quantity or type of toilet partitions change. Final measurements should be done by the installer to prevent mistakes before manufacturing begins and final toilet partition prints from the manufacture will be sent to you to confirm measurement before manufacturing begins.

Have additional questions, please contact Safe T Bar Inc. directly; 1-800-444-8855, visit our contact page on the website or email Safe T Bar Inc. values you as a customer and will do our best to assist you with any additional questions you may have. Thank you for the opportunity of supplying you with the best grab bar products in the industry, a true product of the USA Safe T Bar Inc.
Our pledge to you is to manufacture & supply the safest (exceed ADA, ANSI and Federal codes) grab bars and safety railings by using quality materials and great customer service.  You safety is important to us.
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