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Safe T Bar Inc.
 Grip TightTM   non slip Grab Bars that Grip you and won't let you down!


Safe T Bar Inc. was established in 1979 and has continued to manufacture and package GripTight™ non slip Safety Grab Bars in our United States of America factory located in Hugo, Minnesota.

In 1977, founder of Safe T Bar Inc. Gary Markovich (Veteran of the USA), was approached by the Minnesota State Consul for the Physically Challenged and the ADA (American Disability Association) to engineer a true non-slip surface. Their interests were to design a grab bar that had a true non-slip surface and would exceed current codes and become a standard non-slip grab bar. Other grab bar companies offered their nonslip surfaces, however, often when hands were wet & soapy the surface would become slippery. This was the beginning of Safe T Bar Inc. back in 1979, and the beginning of our patented true nonslip surface, Grip Tight™.

Safe T Bar Inc. added Toilet Partitions to our product lines in 2008, working with manufactures who have been leaders in the industry for over 60 years.

In 2012 Gary and his wife Gayle Markovich became co-owners, Safe T Bar Inc. is now classified as Veteran and Women owned business.

Safe T Bar Inc. has remained focus on the safety of the design of our grab bar products and using the highest/exceeding standard levels of safety and quality materials.   While remaining a local, family-owned business in Minnesota  manufacturing and packaging our products here in the USA .

Safe T Bar Inc. grab bars are manufactured with the safety and strength for commercial use and designed to enhance the  home and business.  Safe T Bar Grip Tight grab bars helps extend living independence while exceeds the safety standards to ensure confidence.  A grab bar is not just a grab bar when it's a Safe T  Grip Tight Grab Bar, that Grips you. 

Safe T Bar Inc.’s Grip Tight™ grab bars are often requested and have replaced many competitors bars by customers whose current grab bar products do not meet their safety or quality needs.  Safe T Bar Inc. trademark Grip Tight™ is the non-slip surface that Grips you and is requested often.

Recommendations from Safe T Bar Inc.

Installing safety grab bars as towel racks is cheap insurance as they are generally strategically placed near the tub or shower areas already. In terms of slipping, falling and injury, the bathroom is the most dangerous place in the home and standard towel racks and even certain grab bars are not designed to support the human body when falling. One can imagine the unfortunate results if a person was to fall in the bathroom having reached for a towel rack for support only to have it pull out from the wall and come crashing down. Injuries such as a dislocated hip, shoulder or worse, broken bones have resulted from instances such as this. Unfortunately, grab bars are often thought of post-injury, for the physically challenged or elderly, instead of having them installed as a prevention to injury. Each individual is capable of slipping and falling, no matter the age, which can lead to injury or other physical challenges. Prevent this scenario in your home or business by installing our Grip Tight™ safety grab bars

Safe T Bar Inc. looks forward to the opportunity of enhancing the safety of your home or business.

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Safe T Bar Inc. is proud to be a minority, Veteran and Women owned business.

All of Safe T Bar Inc’s products are manufactured in the USA and we have a large variety of sizes, finishes and custom products to meet your design and safety needs.  
Safe T Bar Inc. is a green company and we pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly. One way we do this is by not dipping our products in chemicals that are harmful to the environment – this along with other safety checks and regulated manufacturing processes allow us to minimize our carbon footprint.
We exceed the minimum standard requirements issued by ADA, ANSI and Federal codes when manufacturing our products in the USA.  Safe T Bar Inc.’s focus is to manufacture quality safety grab bar products at a great price. 

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Safe T Bar Inc. Grip Tight™ nonslip Grab Bars: Manufactured & Packaged in the USA Since 1979