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My Safe Bathroom products Manufactured in the USA Since 1979

As a veteran founded, minority, woman & family owned company located just outside of the Twin Cities in Hugo MN, Safe T Bar Inc. manufactures and packages all of our grab bar products right here in the USA and maintains a green company.

In 1977, founder of
Safe T Bar Inc. Gary Markovich (Veteran of the USA), was approached by the Minnesota State Consul for the Physically Challenged and the ADA (American Disability Association) to engineer a true non-slip surface. Their interests were to design a grab bar that had a true non-slip surface and would exceed current codes and become a standard non-slip grab bar. Other grab bar companies offered their nonslip surfaces, however, often when hands were wet & soapy the surface would become slippery. This was the beginning of Safe T Bar Inc. back in 1979, and the beginning of our patent pending, Grip Tight™, a true non-slip surface.

We remain focused on the safety of the design of our grab bars and diligently inspect to maintain the highest level of safety and quality materials for our
Safe T Grab Bar products. Grip Tight™ Safe T Grab Bars are often requested and have replaced many competitors grab bars whose current grab bar products do not meet their safety or quality needs. Our trademark Grip Tight™ is a true non-slip surface and will not come off of your Safe T Bar Grab Bar.

Safety and prevention of injury to our customers is
Safe T Bar Inc.'s primary focus. We often recommend installing our grab bars as towel racks as they are generally strategically placed near the tub or shower areas already.

Safe T Bar's Grip Tight™ nonslip finish, grips you and can prevent a permanent loss of independence.

In terms of slipping, falling and injury, the bathroom is the most dangerous place in the home and standard towel racks and even certain grab bars are not designed (safe) to support the human body. According to the CDC website, these are some facts to the dangers of slipping and falling for adults and teenagers:

1 - One out of five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or head injury (4,5).
2 - Each year, 3 million older people are treated in emergency departments for fall injuries (6).
3 - Over 800,000 patients a year are hospitalized because of a fall injury, most often because of a head injury or hip fracture (6).
4 - Each year, at least 300,000 older people are hospitalized for hip fractures (7).
5 - More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling (8), usually by falling sideways (9).
6 - Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) (10).

These are the unfortunate results if a person was to fall in the bathroom or reaching for a towel rack for support only to have it pull out from the wall and come crashing down. Unfortunately, safety grab bars are often thought of post-injury, for the physically challenged or elderly, instead of having them installed as a prevention to injury. Each individual is capable of slipping and falling, no matter the age. Prevent the injuries of a dislocated hip, shoulder, broken bones or worse which can lead to permanent physical challenges or even death. Install your
Safe T Grab Bars today and prevent injury and keep your independence and Safe T Bar Grab Bar that Grip Tight™.

Safe T Grab Bars are not just a safety grab bar, we enhance the safety of your home and help extend your independence.
Safe T Bar Inc.'s pledge to you is to manufacture & supply the safest (exceed ADA, ANSI and Federal codes) grab bars and safety railings by using quality materials with your safety as our primary focus.
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