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My Safe Bathroom Testimonials

...Your responsiveness speaks volumes about the type of helpful capable person you no doubt are to your employees and all your lucky customers. You must be a well thought of senior manager, and probably a major asset to your company. Not many VP's answer the phone, and accept an inconvenient request from "Joe Blow"... - Lynn G.

Thank you very much for going out of your way to help get us the products in time. It has been a pleasure doing business with you
- Nick

...I’m using two of your excellent bone-colored Grip-Tight grab bars, that were installed 5 years ago in our townhouse by Paul’s Grab Bars. I have very serious spine issues, so I absolutely have to have your grab bars for safety. Important features such as your great Grip-Tight technology and impressive appearance. - Lynn W.
When you Grip Tight a Safe T Grab Bar, It Grips You!
Safe T Bar, Inc
Grab Bars that Grip Tight
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