Safe T Bar, Inc. was established in 1979, and has continued to manufacture and package all of our grab bar products in the United States of America, located in Hugo, Minnesota.

Safe T Bar, Inc. pledge to you as a consumer is to supply you with the Safest; (exceed ADA, ANSI and Federal codes) safety should not be meet with bare minimums as its guide, Quality material and Customer Service.

Founder of Safe T Bar, Inc., Gary Markovich (Veteran of the U.S.A.) was approached to engineer a true non slip surface back in 1977. Gary had spoken with the Minnesota State Consul for the Physically Challenged and the ADA. Their interests; having a grab bar that had a true nonslip surface, focused on safety and that would exceed current codes and a standard grab bar, not custom. Other grab bar companies have offered nonslip surfaces; but are not truly a nonslip surface when hands are soapy and wet, extra cost were incurred at purchasing and extended delivery times. This was the beginning of Safe T Bar, Inc. back in 1979, and the beginning of a true nonslip surface, Grip Tight. Safe T Bar, Inc. has remained focus on the safety of the design of our grab bars, providing the highest level of safety and quality in material of our products, stayed in our home country (manufactured/packaged) in the U.S.A. and giving our customers the service they deserve.

Safe T Bar, Inc. as of 2012 is classified as a Women owned business. Safe T Bar, Inc. was owned by Gary Markovich since 1979, until 2012 when he and his wife became co owners.

Safe T Bar, Inc. focus has always been your Safety; either in business (safety of others) or home. Safe T Bar, Inc. grab bars are designed to enhance your life, life of others, loved ones and extend living independently in your home. Is a grab bar, just a grab bar? Not if it is a Safe T Bar, Inc. Grab Bar. Safe T Bar, Inc. looks forward to the opportunity of enhancing the safety of your home or business.

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