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Extra Spec Information

Toilet Partitions

Solid Plastic


Stainless Steel


Toilet Partitions are provided with hardware. We have furnished millions of compartments and assure maximum durability of all items. The standard is Zamac chrome plated which meets all government specifications. 

Available in chrome plated brass, stainless steel or satin finishes. 

All compartments are furnished complete with appropriate hardware.

Latch Installation Instructions

Urinal and Showers

WT—Wedge Type
FS—Floor Supported
PS—Post Supported
WH—Wall Hung
WH-G—Wall Hung Government Screen​

Urinal Screens

Plastic laminate partition units are made of fine quality plastic surface material that is applied with a heated adhesive to prevent delamination. A wide range of designer colors are available to coordinate with modern or traditional interiors. 

Laminate Color Guide

Flushung partitions are completely suspended from ceiling and wall, which leaves the floor area below completely unobstructed. This configuration, which requires structural support in the ceiling, is specified where ease of cleaning and maintenance are high priority.

Installation Instructions

Flushite partition units are floor supported and have headrail bracing that allows maximum support for the stresses of daily use.  Most popular configuration, Flushite is specified for a wide variety of installations and conditions.

Installation Instructions

Flushart partitions are designed to be floor mounted. These partitions have no additional bracing which creates a more streamlined architectural appearance. Flushart units are specified for installations where pilasters can be fastened to solid floors.

Installation Instructions




We offer the following finishes:

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Toilet Partitions

Toilet Partitions and compartments are distributed by Safe T Bar Inc.