USA Manufacturer of Quality Safety Grab Bars
Safe T Bar Inc.
 Grip TightTM   non slip Grab Bars that Grip you and won't let you down!

Exposed Mount - Standard

Snap Mount Conceal

Grip Tight non slip 

Exposed Mount

Anti Bacteria Safe T Ring Conceal

Grip Tight non slip

Anti Bacteria 

Safe T Ring Conceal

Grip Tight non slip

​Snap Mount Conceal

Straight grab bars can be built into custom lengths or finishes. Please contact Safe T Bar Inc. for additional information and any questions.

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Safe T Bar Inc. manufactures three kinds of Washer Mountings.  From left to right they are Anti bacteria Safe T Ring Conceal Mount, Standard Exposed Mount, Snap Mount Conceal.


Safe T Bar Inc. Grab Bars - Safety, Quality Products that won't let you down.  Grip Tight non slip.

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